Nanoform complies in its communications with Finnish and EU legislation, the provisions of the EU Market Abuse Regulation (596/2014 “MAR”), the applicable rules and guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki and Nasdaq Stockholm, the guidelines of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Corporate Governance Code of the Finnish Securities Market Association.

Aims and General Principles

The Company aims to ensure that all parties in the markets have simultaneous and prompt access to significant and sufficient information in order to determine the value of the Company’s shares. As such, the main goal of the Company’s communications is to provide correct, sufficient and significant information regarding the Company’s operations, operating environment, strategy, goals and financial status in a timely manner.

The general principles that apply to the Company’s communications are transparency, openness, honesty, equality and active disclosure. The Company will systematically communicate both positive and negative information simultaneously to all of its interest groups.

Nanoform assesses independently whether information is significant to the price of the company’s shares. The Company will take into account in its assessment the presumed scope or significance of the relevant decision, factor or circumstance when assessed in the context of the Company’s operations as a whole, the impact of the information on the price of the Company’s financial instruments, and any other market variables that may affect the price of the Company’s financial instruments.

Responsibilities of communications and investor relations

Investor relations and ensuring compliance with the legal provisions applicable to the Company’s communications are the responsibility of the Director of Investor Relations and the Company’s Board of Directors.

Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch acts as the Company’s Certified Adviser in accordance with the rules of First North Premier Growth Market.

Financial reporting and releases

The Company discloses information regarding its financial status in accordance with an annual schedule that is disclosed in advance. The Company will disclose financial information on a quarterly basis. Please see the Investor Calendar for more information on the disclosure dates here.

The Company will also disclose a Corporate Governance Statement and Remuneration Statement on its website. All other information required by the Corporate Governance Code is also available on the Company’s website.

Nanoform’s primary information channel is the Company’s website at The annual reports, including financial statements and the report of the Company’s Board of Directors are published in English and in Finnish. The Company’s interim reports and the company releases are published in English. Any changes to published information will be published in the same manner as the original disclosure.


The Company will not comment on any market rumours. However, if the Company becomes aware that any information that might have a significant impact on the price of its financial instruments has leaked from the Company, the Company will issue a company release addressing the issue. Furthermore, in the event that a market rumour has a significant impact on the value of the Company’s share, the Company may consider issuing a release in order to provide the markets with correct information and to contribute to the reliable price formation of the relevant financial instruments.

Transactions of managers

Nanoform publishes the business transactions of the Company’s manager and persons closely associated with them using the Company’s financial instruments in company releases without delay and no more than three days after said transactions. Please see more information and instructions for notifying such transactions here.