Benefits of formulation development with Nanoform

Our rigorous QbD approach to the formulation development of nanoformed drugs can open up new possibilities for drug delivery innovation. Reducing the API’s size down to the nanoscale can enable:

  • Reproducibly fast dissolution
  • High drug load
  • Potential for a simple formulation with less excipients
  • High physical suspension stability
  • Enhanced permeability
  • Novel opportunities for exploring coformulations, in particular dual API formulations

Formulation services for biologics

Our expert services support formulation development for biologics. Nanoformed biologics open up a whole new arena of delivery routes and formulations.

We utilize rapid formulation screening, in combination with artificial intelligence to accelerate process parameters, excipient selection & compatibility studies to prevent protein degradation. Our clinical formulation development team draw on their experience with biologics of wide-ranging size and complexity as NBEs, biosimilars or on the 505(b)(2) pathway to streamline formulation development.

Key features:

  • Formulation for nanoformed biologics can be adapted for different administration routes
  • Our game-changing biologics production platform operates at low temperatures – ideal for sensitive biologics

Additionally, stability is critical for most biological molecules. We can characterize biologics utilizing a range of physicochemical analytical methods and powder properties to ensure structure and functionality. Stability studies, from forced degradation to long-term, run alongside these methods to ensure quality control.