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How are Nanoform
making the difference?

At Nanoform, we are committed to be a responsible corporate citizen by constantly improving the ways in which our business activities have a social, environmental and economic impact.

Nanoform is dedicated to providing a stimulating and encouraging environment for all our employees.

In order to be successful, we currently offer training and ongoing professional and personal development. All our employees benefit from regular reviews, feedback and knowledge sharing between teams.

Small empowers your
sustainability goals

Climate change is not just an environmental crisis, it is a public health emergency. The healthcare sector accounts for approximately 4-5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of a small country. The pharmaceutical industry has an obligation to innovate and evolve, placing sustainability at the forefront. At Nanoform we play a critical role in empowering our customers’ journeys to net zero.

At Nanoform we’re not just patient-centric, we’re planet-centric. Our approach avoids or removes waste at every stage. Our Nanoparticles are tuned to the needs of the patient to improve adherence and outcomes. We’re carving away at the millions of tonnes of medicine waste the ecosystem generates every year.
Edward Hæggström

Small is solvent free and utilises
recycled carbon dioxide (CO2)

Our CESS® technology produces excipient-free, dry powder nanoparticles without the need for organic solvents or complex excipients.

In contrast, other particle engineering technologies such as spray-drying require large volumes of organic solvent, which can be up to 10,000L per cycle for a PSD5 Unit.

The Pharma Grade CO2 we use in CESS® is captured from a local industry side stream. To further reduce emissions associated with moving multiple CO2 canisters to our Helsinki facility, we took the bold, green step to build our own freestanding CO2 tank.