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When nanoformed API particles are formulated in the right way, their full potential is unlocked. They can deliver material and performance attributes that are highly differentiated and create novelty in the formulations they touch.

In order to overcome the low solubility and poor bioavailability of small molecules, it is essential that an optimized formulation tailored specifically for API nanoparticles is developed.

Leveraging a deep understanding of nanomaterials science and nanoformation expertise, we follow a well-designed formulation development and selection process to deliver the formulation that meets your requirements. We use analytical and in vitro tools in-house and have well-established collaborations with external partners to deliver in vivo data.

API X dissolution

Dissolution and permeability performance of API X

We support all dosage form development and have specific expertise in oral, inhaled, injectable and ophthalmic formulations. Our goal is to rapidly progress your drug candidate and optimize the formulation appropriately for the development phase, from preclinical through clinic and life cycle.

our article

Small is Powerful: A Globally Unique Capability for Nanoforming HPAPIs

Potential benefits of nanoparticle-based formulation development with Nanoform

  • Improved oral bioavailability and opportunity to reduce dose
  • Achieving in-vivo efficacy
  • Optimizing exposure in toxicology studies
  • Elimination of food effect
  • Simpler formulation with less need for complex excipients
  • Reduced variability in pharmacokinetic parameters
  • Tailored release profile including sustained release after parenteral or local administration
  • Higher drug load in final dosage forms, thus a reduction in pill size and pill burden
  • Potential new delivery routes
  • Side effect reduction
  • Nanoclustering of crystalline material to achieve the right particle size for inhalation
  • Expand IP landscape for partners formulations

Ease of formulation

Pure API nanoparticle flowability

Blended nanoparticle API with lactose flowability

Ease of compressibility in tablet form

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