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What do we do?

STARMAP® online is the digital twin of our CESS® process.  It can be used to pick winners among large libraries of candidate molecules and identify stars that will shine the brightest.

Dr. Edward Hæggström, Nanoform CEO, explains why we developed STARMAP®

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Harness the power of AI to discover if your molecule could achieve CESS®-driven success.

How do we do this?

STARMAP® online augments historical experimental results with detailed expert knowledge (sparse data AI) to allow predictions of nanoformability.

Dr. Elisabetta Micelotta, Nanoform Senior Manager Science and Technology, explains what STARMAP® online is

Why do we do this?

STARMAP® online presents a rapid opportunity for the rational design of patient-centric drug development.  It can be applied to NCEs, to established brands and to resurrect molecules that failed to make it.

STARMAP® ensures we target those projects with the greatest chance of success, avoiding the waste of laboratory resources and providing an efficient, planet-centric approach to drug development.

Dr. Jamie Unwin, Commercial Insights Officer at Nanoform, shares some insights from STARMAP® online

How to access?

STARMAP® Online is available as a subscription service to our partners.  To speak to a member of our commercial team or request a quote, please complete this form.

Frederique Bordes-Picard, Nanoform VP of Business Development in Europe, explains how to access STARMAP® online

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