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Insider administration

Nanoform complies in its insider matters with Finnish and EU legislation, the provisions of the EU Market Abuse Regulation (596/2014 “MAR”), the applicable rules and guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki and Nasdaq Stockholm, the guidelines of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Corporate Governance Code of the Finnish Securities Market Association.

The Board of the Directors of the Company has approved an Insider Policy, which ensures compliance with the above-mentioned regulations.

The Company informs the public as soon as possible of inside information that directly concerns the Company. The decision to publish such information is made by the CEO or CFO alone or by the Board of Directors.

The decision to delay the disclosure of inside information to the public is made by the CEO or CFO alone or by the Board of Directors. The decision will be made after it has been assessed whether the conditions for delaying the disclosure of inside information are met. The person responsible for insider matters is responsible for documenting the assessment and the decision to delay the disclosure and for the retention of relevant documentation. If the Company decides to delay the disclosure of inside information, it must immediately establish an insider list concerning the inside information and keep the list up-to-date.

Closed Window

The Company applies the trading restriction applicable to persons discharging managerial responsibilities (i.e. members of the Board of Directors and the Management Team) as set out in MAR (closed window). The closed window period begins 30 calendar days before the publication of the Company’s financial statement reports or interim reports and ends once these have been published. The dates of the closed windows are disclosed in the Investor Calendar available here.

The company has also established an expanded closed window for persons involved in the preparation, drawing up and publishing of the Company’s financial reports.

Transaction of Managers

Nanoform publishes the business transactions of the Company’s manager and persons closely associated with them using the Company’s financial instruments in company releases without delay and no more than three days after said transactions. Please see more information and instructions for notifying such transactions here.