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Our award-winning Controlled Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (CESS®) technology enables the creation of API nanoparticles directly from solution. The process can be applied to most small molecules, with a high success rate.

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How does CESS® work?

CESS® is a bottom-up method of recrystallization that works by controlling the solubility of an API in supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO₂), enabling crystallization at a range of temperatures and pressures. CESS® represents a significant improvement over previous supercritical technologies due to the employment of controlled mass transfer, flow and pressure reduction. The use of scCO₂ permits a green particle engineering process with pharmaceutical CO₂ that is free from excipients and organic solvents.


Benefits of CESS®

Controlled particle size

Particle size tunability tailors bioavailability profiles bringing novel opportunities for patient-centricity

Controlled particle morphology

Ability to manipulate particle morphology enables formulation flexibility

Controlled polymorphism

Polymorph selection and generation including identification of novel forms

Particle shape control

Control of morphology whilst maintaining the same polymorph

Particle size control

Particle size can be tailored depending on product performance requirements

Polymorph control

Generation of specific polymorph possible independent of nanoparticle size

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