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Direct nanoforming of biologics is a promising new approach to allow more life-changing large-molecule drugs to reach the market, which was a key driving force behind the development of our proprietary biological technology.

Most biologics are administered intravenously, following multiple and sometimes lengthy infusion treatment schedules. We believe that our unique nanoparticles could enable alternative parenteral administration routes for more patient friendly and convenient approaches. Alternative delivery could be intranasal via nasal sprays, pulmonary, or subcutaneous injections. In these routes of administration, higher load of the nanoformed active ingredient could be possible and open up the potential for long-acting delivery of the material. Oral administration is also an exciting area for delivery of biologics and one in which nanoformed particles may have a role to play.

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Small is Powerful: A Globally Unique Capability for Nanoforming HPAPIs

Creating new possibilities

Our biological nanoforming technology can deliver large-molecule drug particles as small as 50 nm while retaining biological activity. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated on proteins in the 1 kDa – 150 kDa range, and we are capable of engineering particles of varying sizes, starting as small as 50-100 nm. Our advanced technology can be applied across the biologics field to potentially:

  • Enhance drug loading capacity in formulations
  • Tailor release profiles
  • Enable novel delivery routes
  • Engineer new drug combinations
  • Implement lighter infrastructures for drug logistics

Proprietary bionanoparticle technology


Nanoformed Rituximab (monoclonal antibody)

Narrow particle size distribution achieved without compromising structural integrity.

SEC-HPLC                                              SEM                                                          

Co-processing capabilities

Our unique technology offers the ability to co-process large molecules with other API’s or excipients while retaining narrow particle size distribution in the nano-range.

Bulk Insulin

Nano Insulin

Nano Insulin + HSA

Nano Insulin + Trehalose

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