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PharmaTech Integrates

  • September 23, 2021
  • We are both sponsoring and attending Life Science Integrates’ and the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre’s upcoming one-day event, PharmaTech Integrates.

    Our Commercial Insights Officer, Jamie Unwin, will share his thoughts on the “Revolution not evolution of Biologics production” panel at 10:45 – 11:35 (BST). This session will explore how the industry can step up to meet patient need and market demand by streamlining, enhancing and integrating upstream and downstream biological and vaccine production.

    You can also discover insights from our Science and Technology Team Leader, Dr. Elisabetta Micelotta, at the event. She will be leading a Technical Showcase at 11:40-11:55 (BST) titled ’’Nanoformers, Particles in Disguise! – Illuminating the future of Pharma with STARMAP®.”

    Get in touch to arrange a meeting.


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