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Nanoform announces major rebrand


Nanoform announces major rebrand

Helsinki, Finland – Nanoform, an innovative drug enabling nanotechnology company, has unveiled a new brand identity and website. The evolution of Nanoform’s brand reflects how the company is using innovation to transform the pharmaceutical industry and support its global partners as they develop life-changing medicines.

The new strapline, “Small is Powerful,” epitomizes how nanonizationTM can significantly enhance the properties of drug molecules and make a huge difference to patient outcomes around the world. The slogan also embodies Nanoform’s ambition as a growing company that aims to double the number of drug candidates reaching the market. Nanoform’s unique, multidisciplinary team of scientists pay attention to the small details that make a big impact.

The rebrand includes a new animation that dynamically visualizes Nanoform’s work. The spinning globe is made up of particles that quickly dissolve, representing Nanoform’s best-in-class nanonizationTM process and ambition as a global partner for pharma companies.

With its new brand identity, Nanoform will build on its core value of being an engaged partner that works side-by-side with clients to find tailored solutions to drug development and delivery challenges. The rebrand will enable Nanoform to raise its online profile and effectively communicate its work to existing and prospective partners.

Christian Jones, CCO of Nanoform said: “We are delighted to share our exciting new look that represents our unique approach to nanomedicine innovation. The rebrand helps set us apart in the industry and provides clarity on our exceptional abilities and global ambitions.”

Notes to the Editor

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About Nanoform

Nanoform is an innovative nanoparticle medicine enabling company. Nanoform works together with pharma and biotech partners globally to reduce clinical attrition and enhance their molecules formulation performance through its best-in-class nanonization™ services. The company’s multi-patented and scalable Controlled Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (CESSᵀᴹ) technology produces nanonized “designed-for-purpose” API particles, as small as 10nm. This enables poorly soluble molecules in the pharmaceutical pipeline to progress into clinical development by increasing their rate of dissolution and improving their bioavailability. Nanoform’s unique nanonization™ technology provides novel opportunities in diverse value enhancing drug delivery applications.

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