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Partnerships in Drug Delivery (PODD) 2021

Video 1: Nanotechnology Fireside Chat at Partnerships in Drug Delivery (PODD) 2021

Our CEO, Prof. Edward Hæggström, was delighted to join a fireside chat at PODD with Shawn Davies, Head of Drug Delivery, Biopharmaceuticals Development, AstraZeneca – a long term partner of Nanoform – to discuss the potential of nanoscale medicines and delivery devices to benefit patients.

Video 2: “Small is transformative: nanoparticle solutions for drug delivery innovation” at Partnerships in Drug Delivery (PODD) 2021

Our VP of US Business Development, Eric Peter, delved into the human trial results for the world’s first nanoformed drug at PODD 2021. He also discussed the ongoing industry collaborations investigating how nanoparticle engineering can facilitate drug delivery innovation to ultimately benefit patients.