• 75%

    of new drugs are
    poorly soluble

Increasing solubility and bioavailability

Poor water solubility of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is a major cause of attrition in the pharmaceutical industry. We help drugs reach their full therapeutic potential by enhancing bioavailability. Nanoforming increases the specific surface area of API particles, enabling significant improvements in dissolution rate and thus bioavailability. The creation of a robust method for producing uniform and stable nanoparticles has initiated a new era of novel drug delivery applications that will transform the healthcare sector.

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The benefits of our best-in-class nanoforming services

Additional drug delivery applications
The efficient production of nanoparticles is leading to exciting new drug delivery applications. Our nanoforming technology can produce nanoparticles small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) for potential treatment of central nervous system disorders, such as ALS, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Nanoparticles can also be used for novel applications in ocular and transdermal drug delivery, along with drug penetration into the deep lung.
Commercial opportunities
Our particle engineering services can provide a change in formulation to improve the performance of current drugs on the market. The commercial opportunities of our work include life cycle extension, additional patent protection and the creation of barriers to generic competition.
Pharmacokinetic improvements
Nanoforming increases the rate of dissolution and improves bioavailability, potentially leading to a reduction in the number of drugs that fail to reach clinical trials because of low solubility. Increased bioavailability may also lower the dosage required for a therapeutic effect and enable more effective products for patients.

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Our process is designed to rapidly define the best route for enhanced particle engineering that fits the individual requirements of our partners.


We first perform an initial evaluation to understand compound characteristics. Our extensive conversations with partners enable us to fully define what we aim to achieve and the challenges involved.

Proof of concept
and process

A proof of concept study is initiated to determine the feasibility of nanoforming the material. A proof of process study is then performed to find the optimal process parameters for consistent, reproducible results.

Scalability assessment and

A demonstration batch is produced at a larger scale before being moved into our GMP facilities for clinical production.