Benefits of CESS®

particle shape

Our nanoforming process can control the shape of particles, leading to greater uniformity.

particle size

Our technology can produce nanoparticles as small as 10 nm. Smaller particles have greater active surface areas, which permits an increased rate of dissolution.


Polymorphic purity tests have shown that stable single polymorphs can be produced with defined process parameters enabling polymorphic control.

How does CESS® work?

CESS® is a bottom-up method of recrystallization that works by controlling the solubility of an API in supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2). The use of scCO2 permits a green particle engineering process with pharmaceutical CO2 that is free from excipients and organic solvents. CESS® represents a significant improvement over previous supercritical technologies due to the employment of controlled mass transfer, flow and pressure reduction.

Before Nanoforming

mag det HV spot pressure dwell 40µm
2 500 xLFD 3.00 kV 3.0 39 Pa 20µm label

After Nanoforming

mag det HV spot pressure dwell 5µm
16 500 xLFD 10.00 kV 3.0 41 Pa 20µm label

Nanoform’s unique STARMAP®
nanoforming technology database.

We are implementing the use of sparse data AI for enhanced drug development through our STARMAPTM nanoforming technology. This utilization of AI, in combination with our particle engineering technology, will help deepen our understanding of how drug candidate physical and chemical characteristics affect solubility and bioavailability. This will enable us to predict the nanoforming success for new drug candidates