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Case studies

CESS® benchmarking study with Johnson Matthey Plc

We entered into a collaboration with Johnson Matthey to evaluate the performance of our CESS® technology relative to industry standard particle engineering techniques. The results have shown that nanoformed particles exhibit dramatically improved dissolution performance in comparison to the other approaches tested.


• In-vitro dissolution study on Piroxicam conducted by Johnson Matthey Pharmorphix® solid state services
• The goal was to evaluate Nanoform CESS® technology vs other approaches used today: Spray Dried Amorphous Dispersion, Micron-sized, Co-crystal, Milled, Salt and Hot-melt extrusion (HME) API
• Results indicate nanoformed particles have remarkably improved dissolution performance relative to all other approaches tested


To find out more about the benchmarking study and the benefits of CESS®, watch our on-demand webinar:

How CESS® technology stacks up against the competition: the smaller, the better!

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